About Us

Salam and welcome to Safira!

My name is Sajiya and I’m the founder of this small business.

Safira started due to my own difficulties in finding clothing that satisfies my definition of modest. I would spend hours on deep and time-consuming searches which would lead me to all types of websites and stores that I’ve never even heard of before. I would finally come across something that matched my description of modest, but my heart would drop when I turned it around and it had a huge open back or it had a long slit in the leg.

This is where the idea of Safira was born which aims to prevent such time-consuming searches and heart dropping moments from happening. All the products have been fashionably designed to follow Islamic dress codes and we have made sure that they are all fully covered – front, back and side.  So allow us to provide you with an array of clothes and we will leave the styling to you!

We are located in London bringing you clothes made from the best materials that are soft to the touch. Our products are manufactured in Turkey – the heart of modest fashion.

We hope we can help you fill in the missing pieces in your wardrobe.

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                                                                                               Love, Sajiya x